Happy Halloween Day!

Although I didn’t do any ”Halloweenish” thing yesterday. Like every year.
But, I remember that me and my old bunch of friends were celebrating at one of my friend’s apartment. It was funny, even if I really don’t remember anything. xD I also remember that my mum didn’t want to buy a witch hat to me. Hmm… that time, I really wanted one, lol. But that’s because I’ll only use it once a year. So I made one of paper and elastic band. Everyone praised me! ^^ It was so touching. I didn’t know they would give me compliments back then. x] Old memories ♥ but now, we’re not friends anymore. We don’t greet each other and we don’t even talk to each other. Strange, huh? That’s another story after many, many things …

Well yesterday, me and my cousins were shopping at Nordstan. ^^ I thought I would bring something home but… I couldn’t find anything I wanted. Buhuuu… :[
My awesome cousin, Hiu Wen bought something I wished as a birthday present!♥♥
My friends also bought something for me! A bracelet~ I love it! It’s my style too! 😀
ILY MY FRIENDS! I’m really myself when I’m with you guys! 😀

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed your days! ^^


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