Miss you!

Don’t misunderstand my friends! xD I miss Jodie! ♥ Well, we decided that I will go greet them at friday! ^^ I’m so lazy… I don’t even wanna study… T_T Yum yum, eating noddles.
Tokyo Mew Mew, almost forgot the opening! ♥ I love the opening!!! D:< Have to download the song, lol. xD
B2ST Oasis on piano is quite easy with one hand. o.o Just have to memorized it now. :3
Must have a longer keyboard with 2 hand. <_< Fk it.


2 thoughts on “Miss you!

  1. When are you going to change the blog-design?
    Nothing bad meant but…It just DOESN’T suit your style xD

    BowieYing : I’m just too lazy to fix it right now. :/ Study study all the time. T_T


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