If you’re hungry, EAT!

If you don’t eat…. it will probably happen something. Today in the morning, I was very, very hungry but I didn’t get up and eat. It ended up I didn’t feel good at all. It was like I almost died. I looked and saw many yellow shiny dots and sweated. O_o
I couldn’t eat either. I was in bed for 4 hours. I couldn’t take it anymore so I got up and made fast food for myself. Luckily, I was able to eat it! Yay! Soon, I’m well again. 😀 Shit, I’ve gone down 1 kg… My goal is 47 kg. My weight is currently 43 kg. (Actually 44/45 if this didn’t happen.) I have to draw, draw, draw. I wanna watch bleach. :/


One thought on “If you’re hungry, EAT!

    Ät när du är hungrig, och när du äter så ät inte så du blir så proppmätt.
    Hände på mig, när jag var skithungrig så åt jag så mycket tills jag blev proppmätt, och jag gjorde det typ till en vana, så nu får jag magkatarr varje gång jag gör så. >_<

    BowieYing : AWWW, OMG. NOT GOOD WHEN YOU’RE SO TINY!! Well, I won’t ever do that again! :/ It’s horrible…


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