December soon?!

Wooo!! Omg, it’s Christmas soon!! >:O Test on Friday. I’m going to die.
I’m not even good at it. And we have like 10 paper to remember?! Fml. :/
Well, good news here, I’m well again! YESSSS, I CAN EAT NORMALLY. xddd
I ate kinda much today at school, I didn’t even notice it untill I thought about it.
Oh, my dad just came home with Mc food! xD Yummy! :d Huh… I wanna go to High school.
WIIIE, ULLARED ON FRIDAY! Finally, after 1 month!! T_T Tomorrow’s tuesday, hehe, maybe I’ll see him! ^__^ Have to take the bus then. xD ”Give a kinder surpirse next time you see me :)”, he said. What does he mean with kinder surprise?

18 mars 2012 Update : Omfg, I’M A FKING NOOB WHO WROTE THIS.
14 July 2012 Update : OMFG, I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE HIM. OMG. I’m sick.


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