Dafuq happened to the boys?!

Can they stop bothering me?!?!??! They’re so annoying. It’s not funny even if I laugh. I laugh just because their faces are something. The winter is soon gone and the weather is mild! Somehow I wanna go out. But… it’s strange, never felt that before. I’m usually home and playing. It’s just boring to go out alone. t-t. I wanna read a manga named Dengeki Daisy but the library’s working SO SLOW. 4 days and the 1st book haven’t even arrived.
-_-”. Yesterday I went to Nordstan with Sam. WE BOUGHT NOTHING. What the hell happened to all the pretty clothes? I haven’t bought new clothes since Christmas. So boring. I’ve only online shopped otherwise.

I think, I’ll delete all my posts after summer vacation. It’s too embarrassing to read the old posts………………………..


One thought on “Dafuq happened to the boys?!

  1. IT’S NOT EMBARRASSING TO READ THE OLD POSTS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! det är din dagbok, om du raderar det, så kommer du glömma bort de dagarna nån dag i ditt liv ^__^ Sen läs tillbaka och tänk “fan va dum jag är” men så kan du även se hur du har förändrats under tiden ^_^
    Oh btw, the guise liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikesss youuuu ;DDD

    BowieYing : hHAHAHAHA, … that’s what I thought. ”SUCH AN IDIOT I WAS” But okei, I wont delete them. xD Pity them, I don’t like them.


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