I got an A in Home Economics! I became very, very happy! I thought that she would give me C but no. Only 4 girls got A. 😉 HEHEHEHEHH WE RULE!
After school me and HiuWen went to Nordstan. We bought an eyeliner pencil and I became a member of Yves Rocher. I also got a gift from them. Hydra Végetal. Looks like this :

I’m using the products now. ^-^ It smells so good! xD And… as usual I didn’t buy any new clothes…. 😦

After shopping, I played LoL non-stop…. xD I just can’t live without it. AHAHAHHAHA.
I’m blogging because HiuWen asked me when I will start blogging again.. 😮 Answer : Now.
HEHEHEHE. Playing Ms now but going to LoL soon~ 🙂
HAHAHHAHAHA 1 funny thing is that Oscar always want me to join them and I said, ”If we lose I’ll never play with you anymore”. So we lost one match… but I’ll give them one more chance. T_T I always feel touched when Oscar always finds ways to makes me play with them. D:


One thought on “Yesterday….

    NAAAAAAAAW, feeling touched.. ? really? tought you were a stone with no feelings :0 skoja XD
    oh hihi, så shöt design 😀

    BowieYing : Hahaha tack 😀


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