Summer holiday has begun!

The last day at my elementary school. 😦 NOO, I DON’T WANNA GROW BIGGER!
I’ve performed two times now. 😀 This time I became very, very nervous and nagged all the time. Sam thought I was really annoying. Lol. I played and failed 3 times. Typed the wrong key, FML. But I don’t think they noticed anyway. xD Only those who’ve listened many times. 🙂 After many performances every ninth grader went to the canteen and ate cake and then we got our final grade paper. And guess what? My goal was 280 points and I got 290 points! I became so happy and felt very lucky. I have 10 A  and the rest are C. 😀
Now my daddy will reward me 500 kr! YAAAY! My mum too but I don’t know how much.
btw, I’ve got a summer job! Begins on Monday. But the bad thing is that I won’t earn that much money as I thought. 😦 3,4k something T.T I wanted to earn 5k. HAHAHHHA XD


One thought on “Summer holiday has begun!

  1. hehehe ba ja hörde dina fel :”3 SÅ GÅR DET NÄR MAN INTE TRÄNAR SÅ MKT OCH NÖRDAR LOL HELA TIDEN! X’D

    BowieYing : HAHAHAHHAHA, jag tränade hemma också men då gjorde jag aldrig fel T_T


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