Dip dye

Me, Jodie and Daniella dip dyed our hair but just because we didn’t bleach our hair, we failed. You can’t even see the red colour on my hair! But a little bit when the sun shines on it. Well, that’s okei. Because if the colour really stood out, I would feel like a bad girl. I don’t know why… 😮

Anyway, it was a really funny day! This must be done more….
And look what my aunt cooked! ^_^ It was so yummy!!! :@


One thought on “Dip dye

  1. HAHAHAAHHA FAAAAIL! But i’d love to see you in dipdie :0

    BowieYing : tyvärr ;( , HAHAHHA ELLER HUR, DRÖM MAT TYP?! JK XD


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