4th day. We canoed. L0L. And then bbq again. But I didn’t take any pictures because they told us to not to bring it with us. xD When we canoed back, suddenly an insect bit me. Or like… I didn’t see it and pressed it onto my arm and then when I looked to see what it was, it flew away and there was a mark left behind. After some hours I began to feel ill and lost my appetite. So it turned out that I almost didn’t eat anything on the weekend…. 😦

5th day. Everyone cleaned the whole room where we gather. I still felt ill and was a bit tired. So our supervisor told me to go to the health center. The building was only beside so me and Alexandra (Supervisor’s assistant) walked there. She really helped me a lot! Thanks ♥! The doctor said that it’s not the bet that made me feel ill. O_O ….

6th day. I felt so much better and could at least eat a little more. 🙂
It was a really funny day! Me and my cousin baked breads. And then we took care of the brushes. The other group painted the wall so we washed the brushes. O.o And it was so fun! We laughed all the time. xD Because we happened to splash some water at ourselves… When I splashed at myself, I had no-face for 2 secs and then I guffawed like an idiot! XD

Purple wall ~


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