9th day. We’ve only talked. Nothing to write about. xD
After the working day, me, Yan and her mum went to town to buy our things. Woo! I bought new shoes and a cap! 😀 But I haven’t use that cap… Lol….

10th day. I helped them with cooking. Then I don’t remember what we’ve done.
11th day. A man named Dembo came to play drums with us and danced………..
12th day. Ostindiefararen.

After that they’ve talked for hours finally we got to eat! I felt like throwing up back then because I WAS SO HUNGRY AND THEY TALKED SO much.

Then we went to Världskulturmuseet. And I found this cute machine! 😀

13th day. Last day. Wait what? I’ve missed 1 day. O.o Well, whatever. ._. We just cleaned the whole house. BORING DAY!


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