1st school day

I couldn’t sleep… xD
Oh well…. we didn’t do much. I didn’t see any Asians. 😦

2nd day. The class was finally divided. AND GUESS WHAT? Me and 2 other friends are fking divided into 3 different classes! We had some lessons and I began to feel so lonely. I wanted to cry but I hold the tears. So when I came home… I burst into tears. I really cried a lot and told Haohao about it. HAHAHAHHAHA. Yeah… sometimes I tell to him about my problems. xD BUT my period may affect my mood too! But it has never happened before so… IDK. T_T I had thoughts about changing school e_e.

3rd day. It was a little bit better. And happy birthday to Shene! 😀

4th day. I don’t know. o.o I think it was like the 3rd day.

Btw, my emu boots has arrived! ^^

Ugh, so bad quality.


2 thoughts on “1st school day

  1. dafoq, jag har upptäckt att du är så känslig.. du typ överreagerar för allt o__O u know, life kommer nte alltid vara som du vill så käka upp det XD MEEEEEEEEEN du kommer säkert skaffa vänner snart, och kanske får du byta klass u neever know. Det hjälper nte direkt att du byter skola.. det är samma sak i en annan skola också så.. =__=’
    snygga skor! :3


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