Sunday already?

Omg, tomorrow’s school again! BLEEEEH. The math book I got contains so much problem solving! :@ And there’s some new things that I’ve never seen or heard… So it makes the task difficult. =_= And yes, if I can’t solve it, it’s hard. 😀 HHAHAHAHHAHA!!

Omg…. Our teacher hasn’t given us the Chemistry book yet so we got an exercise to do. And guess what? There were words I’ve heard but don’t know the meaning. And no one asked for help so I didn’t dare to ask either…. T_T But I’ve made up my mind, I’ll ask whenever I need help from now on. BECAUSE THEY ARE THERE TO HELP US. SO FK YOU. XD

We had orientation and I found all the placec we should find! I think I’m so good, LOL! XD
It made me so happy but I don’t like running to find them. :/

Okei… I actually have homework to do but …. IT’S HARD TO FIND THE DEFINITION! I need help… 😦


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