I’m not dead lmao

Good evening people! If you wonder what has happened to me, then I can say that it’s so much better now! I’m currently with 2 girls in the same class. My class is very wonderful but as you can see I don’t talk to them but THEY ARE ALL SO DAMN KIND! Such a wonderful class. 😉

Omg, I thought that I didn’t have to take Cantonese course 1. ._. But I just had to because they never gave my application to read Japanese to the person who takes care of it. And I don’t wanna take German lessons lmao so I chose Cantonese. But I don’t know if I can replace modern language with ”home language” o_o. Have to talk to the headteacher but I can’t find him….
So yesterday was 1st Cantonese lesson. It was fun but I don’t like homework. XD She will probably give us homework every week. Nothing new. ;( On the other side it’s good though. Because that’s how you learn things. ;o
1 thing our teacher said to the pupils who came late : Su (Books) m dai (bring with) lei, dai bao (burger) lei seck (eat)?! = Don’t bring books but bring cheeseburgers here to eat?! LMAO!!!! Everyone laughed as well. :3


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