I am here

This manga is a must-read-manga! I cried so much while reading it! I pity her but now I’m glad that she has someone to rely on now. ♥ I was a loner too when I was smaller BUT I had friends. Well, they weren’t the nicest people and sometimes they bullied me, lol. I didn’t feel so sad actually. EH, I WAS SO EMOTIONLESS.  And I’m glad that I had an online friend who did cheer me up and gave me advice. Even thought I didn’t listen to him because I was so afraid to cause a conflict between my friends and I. And you know… when that happens I would be alone and then she’s with the others. No one would be at my side either. They would simply blame me, tell me to apologize and say how bad friend I am. <_<
HOHOHO OMG, MY PAST SUCKS! That’s how it is when you don’t stand out.
By reading this manga you’ll understand how it feels. I RECOMMEND THIS MANGA SO MUCH.
This manga is rather thick too so be prepared! 😉


One thought on “I am here

  1. du har oxå massor av vänner nu så ^___^ *syftar på mig själv (a)* HAHAHAH skojar XD bara erkänn att du älskar mig när jag får dig skratta ;)) DON’T SMILE LIKE AN IDIOT NOW ;DDDD nej skojar ba AHAHAHAHH xD vet nte ens vart biblioteket ligger så kan nte ens låna eller hitta boken, och jag hatar att läsa online T__T


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