Problem solved!

I met R and N on the bus today but I only noticed them when I closed my manga. Lol. N has transferred school and she’s happy now. I’m relieved. 🙂 Same to E, she like her own class now.
When R and I took the tram I read my manga and was deeply in my little world. And I missed the tram stop where I was supposed to get off. Hahahah well done! The good thing was that we didn’t have a lesson. We just had to work on ourselves without a teacher. So I wasn’t late. ♥ I thought R would tell me that we’re on Ullevi södra. T.T

I have finally talked with the headteacher about the language course. You can choose whatever you want and I chose Cantonese. I’m so glad that I don’t have to continue with German anymore. 😀 I’m so tired of remembering chinese characters. Somehow I just study to remember them. I DON’T KNOW WHY, MY BODY WANT TOP GRADES. It’s impossible though. Because I’m not good at my own language. :< Good luck to me.

At last, I’ve received my kit!

My math notebook.

The first picture were taken with an iPhone camera and the second one with iPod. Why is the difference so big? iPod camera sucks.


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