I was suddenly really ill

Before the birthday I was really, really ill! Because yesterday I ate too much and the effect started today. >.< I tried to make me forget the feeling by watching anime, play lol, read a book or laying on the bed. First I watched anime then I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to bed and it got worse. I felt like throwing up so I got up and read a book in the kitchen instead. After a while, I felt better so I watched Full Moon o Sagashite again. xD When it was time to go to Hjällbo, I felt a little bit better but I was still gloomy.

Now, I’m back. I CAN FEEL THE FREEDOM INSIDE! To feel the hunger is important for me. When I can’t feel it, I’m sad. :< Ugh I have many homework to do! >.<
Okei, good night now. IT’S 2 AM. D:


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