Janna, my new favourite champion

I’ve been playing Janna so much lately. She’s an amazing support~ ♥
She’s difficult to play and I totally agree. Because first time when I played her, I really, really sucked. LMAO. Then I didn’t like her anymore because of that stupid play from me.
But my friend played her all the time in Ranked and I thought is she really that good? Don’t think so. Then when I gave her one more chance, I INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE WITH HER.
One skin I want is Victorious Janna. In my opinion, that one is the prettiest skin of her. But I can’t possessed it because…. only gold solo elo players get it during Season 2. And guess what? I was 1k elo. HAHHAHAHAHHAHA. However, I’m 1310 elo now! 😀

(The purple line describes how difficult it is to play her)Janna Champion

CRAVING FOR VICTORIOUS JANNA!!!!!!!!!! Victorious JannaJanna stats

The last Ranked game was kinda awesome too because we were doing bad at bot lane and our mid… *no comment* but he farmed good. Our top just chatted too much, or with other words flame? Lal. Anyway first they got baron so we defended very good. When they backed, we killed the baron and forced some team fights and won! The last team fight was so awesome. Everyone protected our ad carry. ♥ Good cover leads to victory!

Some team mates doesn’t even care about the ad carry so he/she ends up dying. I usually get such team. That’s one reason for why I don’t like playing ad carry and they are squishy. 😦


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