Flashback dream

When I was on the tram, I suddenly got today’s dream flashbacks. And the weirdest thing is that I dreamt about a boy who I summer worked with. Well, I don’t really remember how the story began but I only remember that something really bad happened and I was really worried about him. o_o Then when I saw him safe and alive, I rushed to him, cried and hugged him hard. O_O Then I don’t remember any more. ARGH. WEIRD DREAM. We’re not even friends irl. But he’s a kind boy. Because during the summer job when I accused, hit and kicked him, he didn’t even become angry and didn’t hit back. (Someone threw water on me and my cousin so I thought it was him D:) First of all, someone of them threw water 3 times on us so my brain bombed with angry thoughts, lol.


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