Free period again

What The Fuck, Really. I almost came late to the English lesson and when I arrived, she’s still ill and we got free period again. LIKE WHY!?!?!?!? I COULD HAVE SLEPT MORE BECAUSE THE LESSON SHOULD’VE STARTED 8 AM TODAY. T-T But oh well always lucky because I had time to study for the PE theory test which is after the English lesson. HHEHEHEHHE ALWAYS FREE PERIOD WHEN I NEED TIME.

This week I felt that I had to have some fun so I’ve played LoL and Ms pretty much. So…. I studied very much yesterday to gain at least B at this test. When I think it’s easy, I always study at full speed 1 day before the test which is a really bad habit of mine. But the test was easy, only 12 questions. No difficulties.


One thought on “Free period again

  1. Dafuq, asså Håkans lektioner = SVÅRASTE SOM EXISTERAR =__=’ Men jag önskar att vi kunde ha honom i samhälle också. Vår lärare i samhäll är KAOS. Men nu vet jag ju inte om det var hans prov ni skrev XD


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