Awesome day with Shene

When my school day ended, I say Shene coming towards me so I asked her if she wanted to go to the shopping mall with me. She wanted to! ^_^ This is the first time she didn’t had to hurry and go home fast which ended calmly and fun! We chilled, ate and bought stuff. Although I wanted a tunic so much I didn’t buy it. It’s not even worth it. -_- 200 SEK. It suited me so much after all. 😦 Well, I won’t use this as a dress but instead, I tuck in the white front part of the tunic in my jeans. Okei, enough of this. I found a cute white dress. Well, for my last day at high school which is in about 3 years. HAHAHHAHAHA. Ye, I bought my student dress 3 years earlier. TROLOLOL. But it was totally worth it, only 160 SEK! 😮
And the last thing I bought is an ear cuff for 20 SEK. It was sale, hehehehe.


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