Kuroko no Basket

This anime is about Kuroko Tetsuya (blue haired one). He is one of ”The Generation of Miracles”. All the ”Miracles” was once a team. Kuroko thought that the team lacked something, so one day he disappeared from the team and joined another one. The Miracle team disbanded and everyone joined their own basket club. Kuroko decided to be Kagami Taiga’s (red-haired one) shadow and together, they aim to defeat all the generation of miracles.

I love this anime so much! I like sport animes. :3
If you wanna watch Cantonese dub, http://space.bilibili.tv/space?uid=17905&page=3 !!!!!
20121226_basket02Cute chibis *-* ♥♥11366650715611042do

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