Map orientation

So the day before yesterday, we had map orientation. I had so much confidence that I would find all the stamps because it was so easy in ninth grade. But it was so much difficult than I thought. O_O But seriously, I don’t really think the map matched reality. :S Well, at least I was right all the time but my friend didn’t agree with me. ^_^ I have too good confidence, AHHAHAHA. XD

Compass is so useful when you don’t know how to hold the map. 😀 I didn’t know until Tuesday. xd Ye, I was too pro for that but now… idk, maybe noob. ._.

When I came home and had showered, I saw a small black thing on my leg. I scratched it with my nail and then realized that it was an insect. I don’t know what kind of insect but it had 4 legs and 2 hands…. So disgusting.. I couldn’t even pinch it with my bare hands. I had to use a tweezers. After 1 was gone, I saw 1 more stuck on my leg. 😦 I began to scream very much and I couldn’t pluck it by myself anymore. I was so terrified, lol. So my brother plucked them. xD

Well, it was so dumb of me to wear knee-highed pants when I knew that we were going to run in forest…… ARGH. Yolo.


One thought on “Map orientation

  1. omg.. om det är fästingar så ska du inte ta bort de sådär.. De är dödliga, om du tar bort de sådär de kan förgifta dig sen det sprids genom hela benet.. man ska ta rökelse och bränna på de, din idiot! o_o’


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