Strapya-world package!

Hohoho, finally! My long-awaited package ♥.20130508161841_SAM_0069 20130508161909_SAM_0071 20130508161934_SAM_0072

My Star Wars chopstick! >:D20130508161953_SAM_0073 20130508162007_SAM_0076

iPod cover, supposed to look like an old book.20130508162019_SAM_0077 20130508162032_SAM_0079

I’m so lucky that it fitted my iPod with crystals on the back.20130508162052_SAM_0080

You see…. ↓20130508162121_SAM_0081

Well, not that lucky because if I use the cover, I can’t listen to music…. ._. The hole is covered! 😦 Well, I can if I put it upside down, lol.20130508162134_SAM_0082

My lucky charm ♥♥♥ it says : Yingying, ganbatte! :333 20130508162804_SAM_0083


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