Time to blog

My friend wanted me to blog so I’ll start from Hammarkullekarnevalen to NOW.

1st day at Hammarkullekarnevalen:
I was there with Jodie. We only talked and ate churros. Then I went home with Shene because she was also there with her friend but we didn’t go together.

2nd day at HK:
Kerry texted me if I was going to be there, I answered no. “Too bad, you could’ve seen us”, he said. Then I changed my mind to meet them, HAHAHAHAHAHA, I thought YOLO. My chance to meet them at last, huh. xD So, first I met up with Kerry and he was actually social with me. I thought it was going to be awkward, LOOL. He was the one who made the conversation lively. ^_^ Then we walked to his friends. Nicky and 2 more whom I don’t know. I was really, really hard towards them. Or in other words, cold. LOOOL.

3rd day at HK:
I really had no plans to go there again. But my friends wanted me to go with them so I said yes… But it was amazingly fun day! We shopped, rode carousel and ate churros. Lolol.

Omg, I want the ugly one with big bill! 20130630160313_SAM_0107

THIS ONE, OMG SO CUTE .*_*20130630160326_SAM_0108 20130630160356_SAM_0110 20130630160410_SAM_0111 20130630160258_SAM_0106


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