School again

I thought it would be horrible day. But it turned out so much better than I thought. 🙂 We didn’t get new classes… Still the same as last year with 2 new students…. Please, I really wanted to be in the same class as Shene. 😦 I even dreamt about going to the same class as her and cried in hapiness, LOL.
Oh well, I have 2 friends in my current class. I never talk with anyone in my class. Not even greeting them in the mornings. I don’t like my class. The only thing I like is that no one talks when the teacher is lecturing. And my class is an A-class. HIGH-GRADE-CLASS. (not everyone has great grades though) They’ve organized an activity for the whole class. And guess what? Yes, I didn’t attend the activity as well.

HOW I MISS THE OLD CLASS….. POOP class. Still better than this one. LÖL WTF? Always hated the previous one, now I want it back, just wtf.


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