Fake platinum player

I think I don’t belong to platinum anymore. Even though I did solo “all the way” from Gold 1 to platinum, Lol. It took me 3 promotion series as well…. I’ve been losing so much lately that my mmr is so low. Y_Y When I solo, I lose. But when I have a duo, I win. It feels so fake. Solo win = 13 lp. Duo win = 22 lp. It feels so fake for me…. I don’t even deserve to win much with duo partner……………………….. + it’s irritating when people say “you get carried”. Almost quit support role for that sentence. I’m weak.


2 thoughts on “Fake platinum player

  1. HEEEEEEEEEEY, sluta vara så negativ, va glad att du nte ligger i brons 5 som jag skulle varit i, + du ska va stolt att du tog dig själv till plat, #KRIGARE fan._.’


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