1st day at school

Shit, I’ve gained some visitors after winning that giveaway. 😮 Anyhow, here comes my life..

I had a little anxiety when I was on the tram to school along with friends. Even with their presence… 😦 but it disappeared as soon as I entered the school.

We got 2 new classmates and one of them had chinese class with me on first year. 😮 Finally one more asian in my class? LOL.

I hope I can be happier this year than previous year. And I really hope that I can be more social and open with my classmates. I have to start making and not waiting!

Update 1:

I couldn’t fall asleep at all.. and then when I did it was thundering outside. BOMBBBBBBBBBBB!! I got so scared that I hid myself under my blanket… lol. Thank god that it wasn’t thunderstorm on the way to school!


One thought on “1st day at school

  1. hahahahaah så söt att du är rädd för åska. det blixtregnade hela natten igår ^^ (nte i angered dock:( ) I år ska du sluta få ångest lilla vän, FÖR DET ÄR VÅRT SISTA ÅÅÅR OCH VI SKA TA STUDENTEN!!! TAGGA TAGGA!!


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