My new phone, finally?!?!?

I’ve been using my phone for 1 week now. At first I didn’t really like it because of its size (5 tum).. but now I’m used to it and I kinda like it… l0l. In my opinion android is better than IOS. You can do so much more with android than IOS. Like changing theme and keyboard layout. Huawei is a chinese brand BUT they don’t have chinese language (keyboard) for texting… Like wtf? Even IOS has but not Huawei when it is a chinese brand… shame. I have to download a keyboard app because of that. Well, not that I mind now, since I got to change the layout into a very beautiful cherry blossom theme. ^^

20140831170250_SAM_0305 20140831170235_SAM_0306

My phone’s size compared to my hand. I can’t even text with 1 hand.. I have to hold it with one hand and type with the other.. I hate it.wpid-screenshot_2014-08-31-19-18-00.jpeg

I’m still using my iPod. Hahahaha, I won’t abandon it until it breaks completely. ^^ Besides, I only use it to listen to music, since doing other stuff lagg too much. Whtat’s good about IOS is iTunes. I really, really like iTunes. *_*


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