Liseberg 6/9 2014

First time of the year, with 3 online-friends. 2 of them got here by train. I didn’t expect them to actually come all the way to Gothenburg. For. Liseberg. L0L.



The very first carousel we rode was Helix. It’s not scary at all. I had poker face all the way. Even on the picture…. (ffs). Everyone laughed at me and it was so freaking embarrassing!! LOLOLOL. (All of them had happy faces and me from nowhere, POKER FKING FACE) Oh btw, we waited 1h to just get on that Helix. Insane.

Atmosfear – never tried this one, too scared to do so. :// wpid-wp-1410205132499.jpeg Lisebergshjulet~wpid-img_20140906_171711.jpgLong ride…. no comment.wpid-wp-1410205098180.jpeg

Then their relatives / acquainted treated us buffet. I ate so little that their mum said “If you don’t eat more, you musn’t go home”. I was like… “But I’m full! :'(…” So after my tiny meal I took ONE scoop ice cream. Ye, one. Fking one, hahahahahaha. Don’t ever treat me a buffet. ❤

Their cousin said something to me and I answered with “… ah… xD … ” HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M SO SORRY. I COULDN’T HELP IT. I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M ALWAYS LIKE THAT WITH PEOPLE I’VE NEVER TALKED TO. I hope he didn’t get offended when he “tried” (I’m not sure if he tried or not) to talk to me. T_T wpid-wp-1410205088627.jpeg

That day was our first day meeting each other. They described me as socially awkward and poker face.. Hahahaha, that’s so me (when meeting 1st time I guess). T_T I wonder what my closest friends / cousins would describe me as. 😦

I hope I get sick when I read this after years. 🙂




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