About me


My current height is 160 cm. ^^ Tall… or short? I feel short, lol. 😦

19 July 2012 Update : I’m currently 161 cm! 😀 YAAAY !

27 August 2014 Update :
Hai hai!
You can call me Bowie or Ying. I’m currently on my last year in High school studying science in Swenden. 🙂 I always do my best to achieve highest grade but I never get A. Despite that I never give up. But I don’t study all the time, I spend most of time on computer playing LoL or watch animes.
As a person I’m shy, extremely innocent ( believe it or not), socially awkward, poker face and .. cute on the inside? I don’t know but my close friends say that.
Secretly cute inside, cool outside and mean sometimes.
And I’m not short, understood?

24 december 2014 Update :
I never go outside as you expected. That’s why I created a category “TheNoLiferMeetsTheWorld”, ahahahaha. My friend told me to go outside more, I answered her “I like benig at home” (or whatever how you say it in English).

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