Dreamhack 15 June 2014

On our way to Dreamhack… We took the bus because it was cheaper LOLOLOL. Now I really regret taking the bus. It felt like 1000000 years to arrive… and I felt awfully ill in the morning… Great start. 20140618232420_SAM_0220

Such bad cameraman I am ❤20140618232521_SAM_0219

Always filled with many people. I don’t understand how they can sleep while sitting and putting their head on the desk. 😮20140618232502_SAM_0221


PLUSHIES!! I saw a giant Totoro too! Omg, I really wanted it!! T____T The price must have been 1k+ SEK or something .___. .. Hours later when we came back, someone had bought it, hahahahhaa. *NOOO!!! ;(*20140618232604_SAM_0222

Watched dem teams play. I have no memories about what happened.20140618232601_SAM_022720140618232701_SAM_022520140618232818_SAM_022820140618232803_SAM_0230

I was at the back and couldn’t take a picture of them and said “omg I’m too short l0l”. So my friend did it for me, HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fk. (Let’s just say that the people in front of me were taller than me)20140618232933_SAM_0234

COSPLAYYYYYYYYYY20140618233210_SAM_0223  20140618232644_SAM_0224 I couldn’t finish my food omfg….. just because I felt so ill in the morning… ._.20140618232652_SAM_0236

So we walked and walked and walked until we arrived at a place where riot randomly picks player and let them play against riot. My friends told me to play. “Go play!” I wanted to play and show my skills but somehow no…
Riot had picked 2 boys and then they said that they wanted to have a mixed team, boys and girls. So again my friend said go play! I just put my hands up spontaneously and they picked me straight away! Hahahaha, good to be a girl.
So he (riot) asked me what I main, I said midlane, lol. (I main support but I wanted to play Ahri so, hehehhehe yeah)
I was the only girl on our team l0l and diamond I think O_O .. They were gold and silver.. the rest I don’t know.
Hahahaha and one funny thing, I didn’t wanna wear the headphones because it was so big!! Then the boy beside me told me to ;__; I asked “Do I have to?” (in Swedish) and he answered in English “It’s for teamspeak”. (he didn’t hear me..)
So we played against Riot team and won! I was 13/0 in the end. Hahahaha 😀
Everyone on my team won lane so ye, I got a good team xd.
And I noticed something about our support who sat beside me on the right side. I got a feeling that he stared at me all the time O.o so I gave him a gaze and he looked away HAHAHAHA
But he might have looked at the screen which was on the left.

This is our price♥♥♥♥ I’m not sure if everyone got a Lulu cupcake too because Riot handed it to me. XD 20140706115511_SAM_026420140706114829_SAM_0263I also got Riot Blitzcrank skin! YAAAAY! Not like I play him…

When I got home, I felt extremely happy and got my appetite back. Like why..

Took me forever to publish this post. GG WP.

Fake platinum player

I think I don’t belong to platinum anymore. Even though I did solo “all the way” from Gold 1 to platinum, Lol. It took me 3 promotion series as well…. I’ve been losing so much lately that my mmr is so low. Y_Y When I solo, I lose. But when I have a duo, I win. It feels so fake. Solo win = 13 lp. Duo win = 22 lp. It feels so fake for me…. I don’t even deserve to win much with duo partner……………………….. + it’s irritating when people say “you get carried”. Almost quit support role for that sentence. I’m weak.