Confusion 2014

Went to the confusion with dem 3 online-friends again. First time I attend on a convention. 😕 We didn’t do much but there were many things you could do. 😶
And.. this was weeks ago but didn’t bother to write about it until now. As usual.

Btw, dem cosplays! There were so many! I liked how Natsu had happy on his back. xD
I was hyped and “screamed” to my friend to look at that happy. Lol.


That Pokemon XDD IMG_20141213_151516

Ahri ♥♥♥♥IMG_20141213_151157

That one-tail! So kawaii 😊IMG_20141213_154327

That giant robotIMG_20141213_150603

And Clannad cosplay! Omg 😘😘😘IMG_20141213_154912

Then we went to a friend’s restaurant. Free food, Ho Ho Ho. My food ↓IMG_20141213_164633

What I bought on the convention. DAMN MY HITSUGAYA OMFG. *_*😘😘😘 IMG_20141213_230200