Wooow, before I went to sleep, I ate very much because the food was so delicious. D: 7h later, I woke up due to hunger. I was really, really hungry like omfg. I wanted to sleep it away but I couldn’t… so I got up and ate and then slept again.

This is not even interesting but I just wanted to share. ._.

Christmas Shopping – Beauty Products

So yesterday I bought these. The Argan hair oil smells HEAVENLY. And my hair become so soft too! It smells very nice, not sticky and the scent is not strong so scent WILL disappear after some time.

I have acne and the one I’m using right now doesn’t work so I just had to buy Thebodyshop blemish gel to treat my acne. That little stick really works for me so I’m looking forward to flawless face again. 🙋

And regarding the face mask and hand cream, I haven’t tested it yet so we’ll see. 😊