So much arriving :3

All in one picture~

My very first Wii game. L0L0L0L0L0L.20140915_150403_Android 20140915_150523_Android

I finally bought these beauty sticks! 🙂20140917_195116_Android 20140917_195237_Android

Another package from Wish Trend. :3320140923_173705_Android 20140923_173819_Android 20140923_173928_Android 20140923_174033_Android

I buy so many nose strips looool. The pink and black one doesn’t drag out my deepest clogged blackheads so I ordered this. Let’s see if it works!20140923_174254_Android

And now my packages from! New pencils and card sticker. ^w^20140926_152451_Android 20140926_153202_Android

8/9 at Jodie’s

I didn’t have any plans on Monday and she asked me when I’m gonna visit her, so I said I can today. I only have 1 lesson on Monday so I studied at the library while waiting for her. Then when her school day ended, we went home to her together.

No one was home so we cooked our own food. Macaroni + ketchup with egg. My suggestion. Heh. After finishing the food, her mum came home. She asked me if I wanted to cut my hair and I was like sure. So she cut all my split ends and said that my hair has improved compared to last time. 🙂 … I’m a little bit sad about my length of hair. 😦 I liked how long it was before. </3 HAIR GROW FASTER PLS!!

Then we played Mario Party 8 and we both lost to bots… LOL. Fk. And the last thing we did was making pudding. Last time I ate pudding was in Vietnam. It was hella delicious so I really looked forward eating it. Unfortunately, I didn’t taste the same and this one was super sweet… :<